--Uh oh, you printed something off the Internet. Never a good sign.
--Just a little confessional. An interlude to share during drinks.
--Who’s the confessor?
--Our good friend Congressman Bob Inglis, Republican from South Carolina. But only for a few more weeks.
--Whoa, South Carolina. That requires wine, I’ll be right back.

--OK, what’s the latest from Bubba Bob Inglis?
--He’s had it, he’s kaput, out of a job. He lost the primary to a Tea Party type.
--What happened?
--He told his constituents to turn off Glenn Beck, and he failed to use the S word about Obama.
--The S word would be Socialist?
--Correct. When pushed to describe Obama as a socialist, Inglis waffled. All he’d say was that Obama, quote, “wants a very large government that I don’t think will work and that spends too much and it’s inefficient and it compromises freedom and it’s not the way we want to go.” It says his audiences paid no attention because they were just listening for the S word. When he didn’t use it, they looked disappointed.
--Wasn’t Inglis one of the super-Christians who tried to impeach Clinton?
--The same. One of the meanest of the mean. But now he feels contrite. Looking back as he cleans out his desk, he’s sorry.
--Really? He got religion?
--Yes, and he got it from Clinton, no less. Inglis says he heard Clinton say at some prayer breakfast that “the most violated commandment in Washington is ‘Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.’”
--Which is why he wouldn’t call Obama a socialist.
--I don’t believe it.
--I do. He’s not going back to Congress. That means he’s free to be honest.
--I’m sorry, honey, I thought you knew this. Politicians from South Carolina are all vetted before running. The process is rigorous and wide-ranging. If the person wishing to run for office reveals a capacity for higher-order cognitive functions, he’s “de-selected.” That’s the term when you get dropped by the party. For obvious reasons, the vetting is done by people from out-of-state.
--OK, that makes sense. Because it says here Inglis knew an ill wind was blowing his way back in ’09. That means cognition was operating. It says he saw the ill wind at a GOP retreat. He made a presentation to the group, explaining how a poll had asked Americans to rate themselves in terms of conservatism. The scale was one to ten, one being Mao, ten being somewhere to the right of Louis Quatorz. The average was 5.6. Those polled thought House Republicans were about 6.5, and Democrats 4.3. This is good news, Inglis said. It means Republican House members are closer to the general public’s position than Democrats are. He told his audience it meant Republicans could keep to the right, “without driving off the road.” His audience greeted this with “stony faces.”
--I guess they resented the implication that it was possible to drive your pickup too far to the right. He says the crowd made him think of the crowd getting ready to stone the sacrificial victim in Shirley Jackson’s story, “The Lottery.” The speaker who followed Inglis at the retreat said—let me find it—“On Bob’s ideological spectrum, I’m a 10.” For this the crowd went wild.
--And now Inglis feels bad about hounding Clinton.
--Yeah. I suppose it’s more of that bad-for-reelection brain activity and moral reflection. You know, the thing about bearing false witness. Inglis now regrets all the lies his Lottery crowd told about Whitewater. You remember Whitewater. And about all the innuendo regarding Vince Foster’s death. You remember Vince, I’m sure.
--Since his place at the public trough is now being filled with teabags, what do you think Inglis will do?
--Good question. My guess is, with all that cognition, there’s a think-tank in his future.


  1. You're back! And in fine form, too. This line is just full of Drinks at its very snarkiest!

    "If the person wishing to run for office reveals a capacity for higher-order cognitive functions, he’s 'de-selected'."

    P.S. I found a very sharp S.C. liberal, one DemWit by name, who just might impress you two. Check her out at.. http://demwit.blogspot.com/

  2. Whoa, too much politics, not enough coffee, I'll have to return later this afternoon with some sherry...

  3. Great piece, Barry. Did you ever seen the documentary, "The Hunting of a President" about the endless assaults on the Clintons? It's horrifying and President Clinton has said that if the Rethugs get control of the House they will do the same thing to Obama.

    Thanks for fighting the good fight and using your blog voice to tell it like it is. I have a piece on my blog today on the degradation of discourse in this country. I think you'll find it right up your alley, my friend.

  4. One of the things I'm grateful for is that there is a state line between North and South Carolina. The citizens dumped John Spratt in the November election. Spratt was chairman of the House budget committee, an influential member of the Armed Services committee, a Yale law graduate, and a distinguished veteran. In his place, they elected a man whose credentials, as best I remember, consisted of getting several million dollars for a building project which was never completed.

    The Inglis defeat doesn't surprise me.

    I think I'll go down and dust off that state line.

  5. Well, it's been a while since you've written here, but found you through a post on another site. Wonder if it means you're back, but just haven't written a post here? I'll certainly look forward to returning to read some amusing, snarky observations with my drink before dinner.


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