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Do you find yourself holding on with both hands lately? From time to time, do you ask, “Why me?” Have you worked hard for years and “played by the rules,” but now can’t help wondering whether this just means you allowed yourself to be played by the system, turned into some kind of sucker? If so, maybe you’re something like my wife Barbara and me. In contending with the pressures of aging and a failed economy like millions of others, we have come to think of laughter as the only coping mechanism left. Clobbered 401(Ks), health “issues,” relentlessly morphing technology—but understand, we aren’t complaining. Not exactly. We know the current reality is made up of facts to be faced, and no one’s to blame. At least no one we can sue. Many others are much worse off, and not just folks in far-away places where trouble is always commonplace. But when you’ve swayed for decades along the tracks of ordinary days, holding to your strap, reading the signs and graffiti and looking out the window whe