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--Uh oh, you printed something off the Internet. Never a good sign. --Just a little confessional. An interlude to share during drinks. --Who’s the confessor? --Our good friend Congressman Bob Inglis, Republican from South Carolina. But only for a few more weeks. --Whoa, South Carolina. That requires wine, I’ll be right back. --OK, what’s the latest from Bubba Bob Inglis? --He’s had it, he’s kaput, out of a job. He lost the primary to a Tea Party type. --What happened? --He told his constituents to turn off Glenn Beck, and he failed to use the S word about Obama. --The S word would be Socialist? --Correct. When pushed to describe Obama as a socialist, Inglis waffled. All he’d say was that Obama, quote, “wants a very large government that I don’t think will work and that spends too much and it’s inefficient and it compromises freedom and it’s not the way we want to go.” It says his audiences paid no attention because they were just listening for the S word. When he didn’t use it, they