Is learning what lies beneath the surface always advisable?

--I had to shake you. “Honey? Honey?”
--Well, I was having a nightmare.
--I was up early, reading my mail in the study. I went in the bedroom, I thought you were having a stroke. You made this gargling sound, then you were denouncing someone. You used to do that just after we got married. I’d wake up to this muttering, guttural rage. I thought you were dreaming what you really wanted to say to me. You don’t do it now.
--No, it was just a nightmare.
--Tell me.
--A dog and a bobcat were fighting. I was trying to protect the dog.
--Our dog?
--No, a different one. Dark reddish brown, like an Irish setter.
--But it wasn’t an Irish setter, it was bigger. Heavier. Like a lab, but taller.
--One of the new hybrids. And you were protecting the dog.
--Trying to.
--I’m curious. How did you know the other animal was a bobcat? Have you ever seen a bobcat? I haven’t.
--No, I just knew that’s what it was.
--Maybe someone named Bob is on your mind these days.
--Robert Bobb is in the news a lot.
--The guy they hired to fix the Detroit school mess. That’s a possibility. He has a beard like me, but he’s younger. And better looking. Probably smarter.
--Or, maybe I have a guilty conscience about money. The paper says Bobb is finding all kinds of graft and cronyism in the system.
--You hit me up for twenty bucks on Monday. There’s your graft and your cronyism. Was the dream’s setting here? Locally?
--No, it was in the desert. Somewhere outside Las Vegas. In the distance I could see all the lights from the casinos. It was night, very chilly. I was wearing one of those jumpsuits you see on prisoners. The bobcat had a diamond stud earring, and the dog had Nikes on his paws. That’s why he couldn’t defend himself. Where are you going?
--For obvious reasons, I need a refill.


  1. We've got bobcats in SC, as well as snakes. And humor so dry, some folks have trouble recognizing it. I'd mention that you might enjoy some of the more humorous posts on my blog...for instance, where I describe what it's like to be one of seven liberals in a Fire Engine Red State that regularly spawns the likes of Andre Bauer, Mark Sanford, and Joe Wilson...but it would be poor blog etiquette to pump my site on your site.

    We both agree SC sucks, we both migrate (you, north and south; me, east and west), and we're all old, so we should get along fine. Let's just Follow each other publicly and we can enjoy making fun of the South in tandem. Thanks for stopping by to comment and welcome to Mature Landscaping.


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